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  • Strengthening cooperation to provide stable digital administrative services
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  • 2024/02/28
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National Information Resources Service (NIRS) announced that it will hold 'The first half 2024 Conference for IT Managers of Client Agencies' at the Sejong Government Complex on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 to strengthen the stability of digital administrative services.

- This biannual gathering is for the officials in the informatization field of central government institutions to share major issues and seek ways to cooperate between them.

- About 150 people, including informatization officers from 39 central institutions, attended the function.

At this meeting, cooperation matters for executing the major action plans of the 'Measures to enhance public trust in digital administrative services' announced by the government on January 31st, 2024 were intensively discussed.

First, with the agenda of 'Measures to prevent recurrence of administrative network incidents',
improvements for incident prevention and rapid recovery were discussed, and cooperation measures between agencies were explored.

- NIRS presented improvements to prevent incidents such as
* strengthening detection of incidents in advance and expanding the monitoring scope,
* improving the operation and maintenance system,
* preparing measures to distribute risks of incidents, and
* replacing old equipment, and then suggested action plans to prevent recurrence of incidents.

- Accordingly, each ministry agreed to cooperate in
* securing budget for major system duplication and AP** replacement,
* supporting works of structural diagnosis and special inspection of NIRS and
* compliance with regulations to minimize human errors.
** AP (Application) : An application developed to perform a specific task

Next, the main tasks and incident management systems of the 'Digital Security Operations Center,which was newly established at NIRS in December last year to quickly spread incident situations and establish a recovery support system were shared.

- With the establishment of 'the Center', the scope of management of incident situations has been expanded to the important information systems of local governments and public institutions
in addition to the systems of central agencies already have been managed by NIRS.

- In addition, the 'Standards for sending disaster text messages to notify the public of incident situations and the standard guidelines for disaster text messeges by type of incident' provided to each ministry were explained. Prompt sharing of the situation was emphasized in the event of a major incident that causes serious inconvenience to the public.

- Accordingly, related organizations, including central agencies, concurred to actively cooperate in prompt reporting of the situation in the event of system incident at each organization so that they can quickly recognize the occurence of an incident and immediately establish a pan-governmental response system.

Dr. Lee, Jae-yong, the President of NIRS said, "We will work closely with each service provider
to increase the power of execution over measures to strengthen the stability of digital administrative services and strive to increase public trust by reinforcing our capability to respond to digital crisis situation."

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