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Code of Conduct

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  • To provide quality ICT services leading the Digital Government
  • Implementing the Intelligent Cloud Computing Center
Code of Conduct
  • Future

    -We will make the best efforts to achieve our vision, to be the future-driven National Intelligent Cloud Computing Center.

    -We will be prompt to those radically changing new technological environment and a leading IT institute to guide advanced public informatization.

  • Integrity

    -We will conduct ourselves the integrity of the clean government based on transparent administration.

    -We will acknowledge our private partners as companions to implement advanced e-Government together and will strengthen the partnership.

  • Relationship

    -We will increase credibility of e-Government services over the people and our client institutions by preventing incidents and cyber threats in advance.

    -We will improve the cooperative relationship between both external and internal clients through closer communication in overall operation.

  • Service

    -We will continuously work to provide people-centric e-Government services through improved and stablized operation.

    -We will satisfy customers by providing quality ICT services through realizing pleasant corporate culture.

  • Technology

    -We will be the core leading institute in the era of 4th industrial revolution with cutting edge technologies such as Cloud, Big Data and AI.

    -We will consistently nurture our expertise to respond to rapidly changing new technological environment in timely manner.