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  • Activating public-private collaborative cloud combining public security and private efficiency
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  • 2023/08/29
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- On Friday, August 25th, 2023, a meeting was held with 9 companies that received Cloud Security Assurance Program (CSAP) certificate at NIRS Daegu Center

National Information Resources Service (NIRS) seeks ways to activate the use of public-private collaborative cloud through a public-private cooperation model that combines the security of public institutions and the efficiency of private companies.

- So far, public institutions have been reluctant in using private cloud due to concerns about security, and it has been difficult for private cloud expert groups to easily decide to invest in the early-stage market.

This public-private partnership model aims for private cloud professionals to provide services to public institutions by utilizing the infrastructure within the NIRS.

- Public institutions can use private cloud services without worrying about security, and the companies will be able to provide their own cloud services by borrowing the infrastructure of NIRS.

Meanwhile, as a starting point for this initiative, a roundtable meeting was held on August 25th, 2023 and a consultative body will be operated between NIRS and the group.

- The meeting session was held at NIRS Daegu, which began operation in June and 9 companies that have been certified from Cloud Security Assurance Program (CSAP)* participated.

* Cloud Security Assurance Program (CSAP) : Security certification executed and supervised by Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) for cloud computing services that meet the security standards in accordance with the 'Cloud Computing Development and User Protection Act'

* 9 CSAP verified companies : KT Cloud, Naver Cloud, Gabia, NHN Cloud, Smile Serve, Samsung SDS, Douzone Bizon, LG Hello Vision, Kakao Enterprise (in order of certificate acquisition)

- At the event, a plan to promote the public-private cooperation model was explained and the opinions of private companies were heard accordingly, as well as a facility tour of the Daegu Center which will build and operate the information system when private companies participate, was also provided.

In the future, NIRS plans to form a permanent committee for 9 companies to continuously discuss detailed standards and implementation methods.

Dr. Lee, Jae-yong, the President of NIRS stated, "We are reviewing a public-private cooperation model as a way to speed up the use of private cloud, which is one of the key tasks of the digital platform government. We expect that the companies will be able to provide services to public institutions in the same way they provide to the private sector by using national facilities that already have met the security requirements essential for national institutions."

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