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  • Designated as an Expert Data Combination Agency!
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  • 2022/01/11
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- Expect to find useful analysis tasks to resolve national pending issues using pseudonymous information -

From this year, it is expected that exercising data-driven scientific administration will be more vitalized as it becomes easier to use statistical data based on personal pseudonymous information for policy establishment or policy effect analysis in the government.

* Pseudonymous information : Information processed so that a specific individual cannot be identified by applying methods such as deleting or replacing personal information

- Comprehensively analyze the current status of preparation for retirement income security by combining household and personal information, taxation information, public pension (national pension, basic pension, housing pension, etc.) and private retirement pension information
- Research on predicting long-term complications and chronic diseases in cancer patients by combining clinical information from the National Cancer Center and medical information from the National Health Insurance Service
- Develop a customized product recommendation model for each merchant
by combining convenience stores' product-specific sales data and credit card companies' payment data

<Combined pseudonymous information analysis cases>
MoIS designated NIRS as an organization specializing in pseudonymous information combining* (December 28, 2021), and established a system to support personal information pseudonymization of administrative and public institutions.

* According to the 'Personal Information Protection Act', only organizations
specialized in the combination and evaluation for carrying out over data from different institutions can perform review works.

- So far, a total of 20 institutions have been designated as institutions specializing in combining, and NIRS is the second administrative institution following the National Statistics Office.
- In particular, NIRS is a data center that integrates and manages most of digital government information systems such as Government 24 and Hometax.

Therefore, it is expected for NIRS to be performing all tasks such as pseudonymization of personal information and combination of pseudonymous information within the data center, ensuring data safety.

In order to comprehensively support the analysis and utilization of pseudonymous data from administrative and public institutions, NIRS has newly established Expert Data Combination Center composed of legal experts and technical experts, and will begin operation in earnest this year.

- The center will support all steps necessary for employing pseudonymous information, such as 1) providing consult on practicing pseudonymous information, 2) conducting simulated combination for data usability review, 3) pseudonymizing personal information and combining pseudonymous information, 4) analyzing combined data, and 5) evaluating ready-to-go data.

- In addition, through close mutual cooperation with the Government Integrated Data Analysis Center or organizations specialized in combining, NIRS plans to play an active role in discovering analysis tasks useful for resolving national issues and sharing data analysis know-hows and best practices.

Dr. Kang, Dong-seok, the President of NIRS said, pseudonymizing, combining and analyzing personal information managed by different institutions can create very useful data for policy establishment or decision-making. “We will actively support all those activities so that 'data-driven administration' can further be activated.”

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