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  • NIRS wins at IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2022
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  • 2022/10/28
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IDC Future Enterprise Awards in the Future of Trust category at the <IDC DX Summit Singapore> was presented to the National Information Resources Service(hereinafter referred to as NIRS), Ministry of the Interior and Safety of Korea on October 26th, 2022. Following the domestic award, it was announced that NIRS was also awarded in the Asia-pacific region.

IDC is the world’s leading market analysis and consulting company in the fields of information and communications technology and consumer technology. They select and acknowledge the excellence of organizations that have distinguished themselves in business innovation using digital technology and capabilities per category every year.

The awards are held in 12 countries in the Asia Pacific region, and winners by country and entire Asia Pacific region are selected in a total of 14 categories. According to IDC, a total of 1,071 projects from 707 organizations in 12 countries in the Asia Pacific region participated this year.

NIRS was singled out as an award-winning organization in recognition of its achievements in successfully executing cyber security management architecture using AI.

The project is one of the first cases of government and public institutions that introduced AI to the entire digital government security management scheme.

In March 2021, the Next generation security system implementation TF was launched, and AI and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) architecture were introduced to the existing security system to provide an innovative and distinguished brand-new security system.

After introducing the new system, the cyber threat response time was reduced to less than 30 seconds and it became possible to respond to over 10 million cyber attacks(events) per day, resulting in equivalent to the input of more than 100,000 manpower.

Kang Dong-seok, the president of NIRS stated in his acceptance speech as follows. "It is a great honor to receive the award in the Asia Pacific region following the domestic one over the cyber security management architecture using AI project. By 2025, the new security system will be fully applied to all 4 centers of NIRS, and we will continue doing our bests to achieve the corporate’s mission to provide quality information and communications services leading the digital government."

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