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  • Big Data, even can support night duties !
  • Date
  • 2017/01/17
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Satisfaction level of civil appeals mainly filed during comparatively defenseless time such as night hours and weekend
is expected to be increased by effectively improving night duty operation systems based on Big Data Analysis.

NCIS has conducted an analysis with City of Gwangju over civil appeals made during nighttime and weekend over the past 5 years
and they have got to know critical time zones and types of them.
For instance, from 18 to 21 of weekdays are the peak times of reportings and traffic related ones are the majority of them.

City of Gwangju is going to actively resolve these specific civil appeals based on NCIS' Big Data Analysis result.
This example is scheduled to be expanded nationwide so that it could be used in civil service improvement practices.

NCIS is planning not only to work more on those projects which can be exercised in enhancing people's daily lives
but also to expand consulting services to increase Big Data utilization.

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