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  • Customized Vacation Plan? Ask Big Data !
  • Date
  • 2016/12/20
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It would be less likely to be happened that people would have hard time to use National Recreation Forest Facilities
due to lack of information from now on.

NCIS, together with National Recreation Forest Management Office have analyzed 3 million cases of past 3 years' records
such as customers, facilities and reservation information during recent 5 months.

Based on the research, they could name most frequently used facilities and types of stay.
For instance, staying over was 70% of all and rest of 30% were camping.

Duration of stay wise, 1 night and 2 days were overwhelming majority.
Popular facilities are turned out to be the ones where are near of users.

This research result are effectively going to be reflected in improving reservation systems.
Users would be provided with all those information
such as status of distributed facilities nationwide, reserved and transition condition per facility of other users
who share similar bio information like residence, age and sex right after they get online.

They are also supported with other customized useful information
such as lowest competition rate, reasonable costs and shortest route
when they type in departing point, duration of stay and size of facility.

This customized recommending system would be more dynamically practiced from 2018
after establishing firm ground platform in 2017.

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