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  • The 1st MoIS Innovation Relay
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  • 2019/07/03
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President Ms. Kim participated in the 1st Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MoIS) Innovation Relay event held in Sejong Government Complex on July 3rd, 2019.

The function was to provide a learning opportunity about both success and challenging factors while carrying forward innovation drive for the ministries and to encourage continuous innovating spirit.

In the event, Government Buildings Management Office (GBMO) gave a presentation about some best practices, MoIS led a discussion session to share new kinds of exercises and held a launching ceremony of 'MoIS CHANGER'.

President Kim received a 'Innovation Telescope', the symbol of innovation, from the President of GBMO as a head of next hosting institution of the relay event.

The 1st MoIS Innovation Relay

The 1st MoIS Innovation Relay

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