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  • NIRS Gwangju selected as an excellent organization of government goods management
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  • 2023/09/26
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It was announced that NIRS Gwangju* was selected as '2023 Excellent Agency for Comprehensive Evaluation of Government Supplies Management' and received a presidential commendation at 'The 3rd Procurement Day' ceremony held in Seoul on Monday, September 25th, 2023.

* As a performance based evaluating government agency, it operates and manages 563 business systems of a total of 28 national institutions.

Public Procurement Service conducts a 'Comprehensive evaluation of government goods management' every year to efficiently manage goods retained by government ministries and reduce budgets, and selects and rewards excellent organizations and public officials.

- This year, awards were given to a total of 24 organizations and individuals, including government awards and commendations.

The Gwangju Center was selected as an excellent organization in the field of government goods management and received a presidential commendation.

- The Gwangju Center was selected as an award-winning organization in recognition of its contribution to increasing product utilization through proactive product management, such as converting management over 3,798 items such as computer servers and desktops and selling 7 old emergency generators.

- In particular, this award is the second presidential commendation following 2019, and the product management capabilities of the Center have been highlighted once again.

Mr. Cho, Wook-hyung, the head of the Gwangju Center, said, "We will continue to do our bests to contribute to the efficient use of the national budget through systematic product management and to build a digital government platform infrastructure. We will also keep up making efforts to ensure that the public can use digital government services smoothly through the efficient operation and management of government information resources.", he added.

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