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  • The efforts of NIRS to combat COVID-19
  • Date
  • 2020/08/19
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Amid the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Korea government controls transmission of the virus and eases the social and economic fallout. NIRS also has been fighting the battle against COVID-19 in its expertise, ICT.


NIRS operates GVPN(Government Virtual Private Network), a system to support government officers to work from home. The officers can connect the intranet through GVPN using internet at home.

Due to the outbreak, the number of officers working from home sharply increased. The number of daily access increased from 9,138 January 2020 to 64,310 April 2020.

During the period, NIRS expanded its resources to enable more than 100 thousand users access GVPN, educated users utilizing an updated manual and several video calls, operated call center even weekends and carried out 10 minute interval intensive monitoring to provide stable services.

2. Mobile Applications

The government developed several mobile applications such as ‘Self-Check App’, ‘Self-Quarantine App’ to ease the process to diagnose, screen and support the infected people and their self-quarantine.

At the early stage, NIRS allocated and expanded additional cloud resources to support the initial building of the apps. Also, intensive monitoring was carried out during 50 days after the service launched,

3. Emergency Coronavirus Relief Funds

Korea government offered Emergency Coronavirus Relief Funds to some households as part of efforts to minimize the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic by boosting consumption.

NIRS operated stable system to search and apply Emergency Coronavirus Relief Funds. After the system was built, the number of daily visitors reached 4.72 million and maximum 79,208 simultaneous log-ins were recorded. To handle these sudden increase, NIRS efficiently manages the resource allocation.

As a result, 95.9% of the subject households were received cash payment within only about 3 weeks.

Like this, NIRS provides efforts to overcome COVID-19 pandemic and also strives to utilize its expertise to prepare Post-COVID-19 era.

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