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- Optimal Environment for Data Center Operation
  • Overview
  • Providing optimal infrastructure that ensures stable operation of e-government systems
  • Details
  • Providing data center buildings designed to resist Richter scale 6.0 of earthquakes and loads over 100kg/m2
  • Having dualized power supply equipment, UPS, batteries, and generators to ensure uninterruptible power supplyk
  • Blocking external physical threats through access control and 24-hour monitoring
  • Access control through biometric identification system, CCTV, and ID card, and operation of the 24-hour monitoring center
  • Established ventilation system for maintaining constant and optimal temperature and humidity
    (25±2℃, 30~50%)
  • Having automatic fire and smoke leakage detection system and fire fighting equipment that uses clean agent fire extinguisher
  • Functions
  • Power supply management system, fire safety management system,
    ventilation management system, access control system, intelligent building system (IBS), CCTV, UPS, batteries, generators
  • Features
  • Providing buildings and infrastructure exclusively designed for data centers
  • Concept Map of Data Center Infrastructure Operation