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the president of NIRS, Kim, Myoung-hee
NIRS, the first mover of Korean ICT !
Welcome to National Information Resources Service (NIRS) !
This is the president of NIRS, Kim, Myoung-hee.

We have provided 24/7 convenient and safe e-government services as the world’s first pan-governmental data center since 2005 as one of the innovative practices to manage information resources of central government institutions.

We have set 3 management principles (Innovation, Leadership and Happiness) and 5 core values (Future, Integrity, Relationship, Service and Technology).
Based on these assets, all associates of NIRS are making our best efforts to achieve the Mission and the Vision that are to successfully complete an Intelligent Cloud Computing Center which can present quality ICT services while leading the Digital Government.

NIRS will continuously work on improving its world class competitiveness in operating the government data center by keeping up innovative drive so that we could lead the era of 4th Industrial Revolution as the first mover of Korean ICT.

Thank you !